An event this size, literally takes hundreds of volunteers! 

Ready to roll up your sleeves and volunteer to help with the event? If you are interested in helping anyway you can,  please contact:

Tony Ceja - 815-875-7925

Brandy Ceja - 815-878-1118

or email

We need to know your shirt size and if you have a preference for what area(s) of volunteering you would like.

All volunteers will be required to attend a pre-show meeting  - May 5th & May 12th at 10am at the airport.

As you know, an event this size requires many, many volunteers. Please consider helping for a few hours and bring a friend. Please feel free to share this information on volunteering with evryone you know. 

From all of us on the Organizing Committee,

THANK YOU in advance for helping us present a great day for our Veterans!

63 years in the making........

In just a  few weeks, a Squadron of 16 TBM Avengers will fly over Northern Illinois and that will be the first time since 1955.......

63 years ago, that a group that large has flown in one place...

at one time...

This event is 63 years in the making! 

Make plans now to attend & be part of history!


Volunteers and Donations


 Notes for those of you planning on flying 

into the TBM Gathering / Salute to Veterans.

1) The airport will be closed to GA aircraft from 

noon to 4 on May 19

2) No fuel will available to GA aircraft the day of the event

3) The FAA will have a number of reps observing so be sure your paperwork is in order in the event of a ramp check.

4) We have landed over 100 airplanes per hour in the past on 1 runway so if this makes you uncomfortable, 

come the day before.

5) If you do not have a radio PLEASE come the day before 

or drive.

6) Use caution for Life Flight Helicopter operations 24/7 throughout the entire weekend.

7) In the past some GA aircraft have been parked up to 1/2 mile from the main ramp. Plan on getting some exercise walking. 

8) Enjoy the show! 


 Your support and contributions will enable us to continue to support our Veterans of all conflicts.  

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TBM Avenger Salute to Veterans

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